in progress…

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this is a canvas that i have been re-working. when i pulled it out of storage it was one of those ‘what in hell was i thinking?’ moments. feeling good about it so far. i have a goal to cover my vast inventory of blank boards and canvasses with paint within the next 6 months. i’m aiming to work without reservation, fear, over thinking or any other neurotic thought that keeps me from creating. let’s see what happens…

angsty art

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butterfly confession copy il_170x135.94452854 flower girl2

…and so. this is a series that i started about 3 years ago, and then school happened. the ‘ethereal girls’ were shelved, some were shown, and a couple sold. i have a few more panels that are unfinished/in progress and am trying to continue the momentum i had started. sometimes i’m jazzed about this series, sometimes i feel defeated because several are gone. i wanted a BODY of work, completed, to show!

anyway…as i was painting today, i had that old familiar feeling of annoyance, random negative thoughts bubbling up, vague irritation. this is something i’ve noticed in the past – painting doesn’t necessarily always give me that ‘in the zone’ blissed out feeling that i think it’s supposed to. i find i’m often in a hyper-aroused state of intense enjoyment of the physical process (paint, colour, application, happy accidents), slight irritation (is this really looking how i intended, why can’t i ever find the right sized brush and why is there cat hair on THIS brush again?), along with various, random thoughts about my job, my family and annoying tasks and people in general. EVEN IF i have a nice candle burning and some new age-y crap on in the background. maybe this is why i sometimes go into painting with a feeling of dread? i read somewhere (probably eric maisel) saying that you have to be able to ‘tolerate the anxiety’ of creating…i believe this is what he’s referring to and is likely my biggest procrastination point.

on the weekend a friend of mine, a painter said ‘i love painting, always feel good when i’m in the studio.’ how does one get into that state of confident flow? perhaps wine is involved…


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the new dream series…

whiteflower1even though it often seems (to myself and likely others) that i haven’t been creating much lately…i have to say, i’m actually in that period called incubation. whilst in this state, i continue to look, see, observe, generate, and mine for inspiration. a lot of the time i’m taking pictures. in fact the subtleties of colour, tone, delicacy and general amazingness of this flower kind of tickled me…pink-ish. go ahead…click on it!

this weekend promises to be a rainy one and i’m counting on it! i want to get started on some new work that i’ve been incubating for what seems like months now. update to follow…


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newest house painting 2014

newest house painting 2014

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the trouble with art

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forever in progress

<– this is a smallish pile of ‘in progress’ artwork. it has been in progress for much longer than i care to admit. after all these years, as an artist, i still have a rough time becoming fully engaged in this process. on friday i was thrilled with the yawning abyss of a creative long weekend…now, mid-afternoon on the last day of the holiday, i’m still NOT creating…but i’m thinking about it. i don’t think that counts though. i’m procrastinating by starting my art blog. and playing with the cat. and slicing a pineapple…oh, is that a new twitter post? and so it goes. i think it all boils down to fear. fear of making horrid art – art that stacks up in basements and parents’ garages, never seeing the light of day. or, having seen the light of day, it’s work that wasn’t sold and is relegated to indefinite storage…or worse, accompanying me on my many moves.


the ‘real artist’ studio space

aside from the paralyzing fear of making bad art, is the fact that i don’t have a designated ‘studio’ space any more. i had a lovely large space a few months ago, but had to let it go because of a personal economic downturn (see pic on the right). i moved everything to my apartment and have a makeshift space in my kitchen. on the one hand i’m happy to have my supplies within reach again, on the other hand i can’t leave anything out because of a very curious tuxedo cat. i’m pretty sure that this is very much part of the problem, or at least a pretty decent excuse for my lapse in art production. i have always had a ‘room of my own’ for art making.

Let my studio be filled with new & old functional furniture with character, and all types of tools to create with; art, books, pictures, music, film, & journals… ~ henry miller

ultimately, what i really want is the kind of artistic process that is ongoing, free flowing and organic – the kind of production that naturally evolves into new work and feeds off of what is completed. i see artists whom i admire, in the flow…steadily creating new bodies of work, then showing, then back in their studios. how does one balance that life with day jobs and other responsibilities? i have stacks of books on the creative process…i buy them because i am fascinated by this and others’ process and i’m also secretly hoping i’ll become inspired enough to have an epiphany and pick up a brush. what inspires you to commit to your work?